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Entertainment (January 2010)

Consumer Electronics Show: Trends for the New Year

Yes, Microsoft showed before Apple, but that's the not the main event
by John R. Quain

Ebook readers and 3-D televisions are just a few of the up-and-coming tech trends on display at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. CBS News UTTM Computer Consultant John Quain (that's me) discusses the show and other hot ticket items.

Technology companies usually use CES to show off their newest devices. For example, Microsoft officially announced the launch of the Slate - a tablet-like computer with a touch screen. "[It] can do most of the things that a computer can do," says Quain. Microsoft showed the device being used to read Kindle books and also touted it as a way to watch videos. Apple is expected to announce a similar device in a few weeks. Bigger than the Slate or e-readers in Quain's opinion, though, is 3-D television. James Cameron's "Avatar" brought 3-D movies and television into a new light in 2009, and television manufacturers are now planning to make 3-D compatible devices. "Every TV manufacturer is going to start selling 3-D TVs sometime later this year," says Quain. "Blu-ray discs are going to be Blu-ray 3-D discs that will show movies in 3-D."

Oh, heck. Just watch the video above.

Are We Ready for 3D TV?

More to the point, can we afford 3D TV? Xpand 3D Glasses

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas 3D television was being pushed--and pushed hard. Not only is there a new 3D version of Blu-ray coming, there's also a slew of new 3D-capable HDTVs headed to stores later this year. Of course, sceptics like myself point out that you have to wear goofy, uncomfortable glasses to watch it. On the other hand, ESPN, Sony and Discovery, and Twitter Bad Boy Mark Cuban are all promising new HD channels (with DirecTV waiting in the wings). So are we ready for 3D TV? Find out here.

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