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“In this world,” wrote Benjamin Franklin, “nothing is certain but death and taxes.” In spite of this fact, a great majority of us don’t bother to file a will. However, it can be done without leaving the comfort of your desk. Check out Today’s story for some quick and painless legal help with wills—and a whole lot more.

April 2, 2007

Next week: Plasma Battles LCD and The NY Auto Show

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A couple of days ago, I had lunch with Rocky Mirza, the CEO of a startup called Dbuz. Mirza has started several successful sites, including gambling, auction, and virtual worlds spots. Find out about his unique spin on social networking.

For technology news and views visit JQ’s Blog. This week: Dbuz. Previous posts: Cablevision’s loss is your loss, Google’s reality distortion field, and why Wikipedia needs some new controls.


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Yes, you can file your taxes for free online. Although I recommend paying for the privilege. To test the top services, I did my taxes three times. But all you have to do is read the story—and then only do your taxes once. Okay, you don’t have to read the story, just watch my segment on CBS.