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The New York Auto Show is officially underway, with a variety of technologies promising to make driving safer and more entertaining. Fortunately, you dont have to travel to the Big Apple or hike over to the Javits Center. See all the highlights in our front page article, including new tech from Infiniti, Ford, Mercedes, and Volvo.

Week of April 9, 2007

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Big screen, high-definition televisions continue to rack up sales. And for good reason. HD sets deliver a brilliant picture and prices are continuing to fall. But which TV technology is the best? For shopping advice, check out our front page story under the Entertainment banner.

For technology news and views visit JQs Blog. This week: More HD Radio backers, Apple stays closed but opens up EMI. Previous posts: Dbuz, Cablevisions loss is your loss, Googles reality distortion field.


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Digital radio continues its inexorable march across the nation. HD Radio promises to banish static, deliver better sound, and offer up a wider variety of programs. And the news this week? More support from the big car makers. Visit the Blog to find out from whom.