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A great idea is under assault again, this time from within.

Due to its very nature, the free, volunteer-supported Wikipedia encyclopedia is vulnerable to fraud and deception by outside pranksters. However, this time one of its own trusted editors turned out to be a fake. Can the Wikipedia survive? See my interview with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

Wiki, Wacky, Woe

March 12, 2007

Next week: cell phone boosters in depth

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Second Life is working on adding voice chat to its virtual worlds, while game consoles like the PS3 are adding online meeting spaces. Meanwhile, new social networking sites are beginning to incorporate avatars and customizable virtual hangouts into their services (next week will preview one such site thats planning a spring debut). But virtual worlds arent new. Ten years ago a handful of sites offered the same fantasies. Check out 1997s Avatar Nation.

Virtual Worlds Get Real

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You think its bad because you have to do your own taxes? Have pity for me. To test the latest tax prep programs, every year I have to do my taxes over and over and over again. Fortunately, it doesnt have to be as painful for you. Find out which online program performed best this year.

A Taxing Time