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The first generation of consumer high-definition camcorders were expensive and delivered a generally disappointing picture. But the next generation of HD camcorders is coming out this spring, starting with the JVC Everio GZ-HD7. The JVC HD camcorder uses a built-in hard drive for recording, rather than a tape or mini DVD disc, and it can hold up to 5 hours of video at a maximum 1080i HD resolution.

Better HD Camcorders for Consumers Coming      

March 19, 2007

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Garbled conversations and dropped calls are the bane of cell phone users—not to mention the dead zones where calls can’t get through at all. But some recent products are designed to overcome these annoyances, improve cellular reception, and, in some cases, even extend coverage.

Products reviewed:

- Arc Freedom Antenna, Spotwave Z1900, and zBoost

In Depth: Boosting Cell Phone Reception

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You can’t do enough to protect yourself—and your data—online. The latest digital armor is a program from Symantec called Norton 360. It includes anti-virus software, a firewall, and a whole lot more. For a quick review, see JQ’s Blog under Wraparound Protection.

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