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Computing (October 2009)

Windows 7: Better Luck This Time

Forget about Vista, this version of Window is worth the upgrade
by John R. Quain

JQ on Windows 7 Can anyone be this happy about an operating system? Well, most folks who decide to upgrade to Windows 7 should be all smiles this time around..

We have put Microsoft's new software through the wringer on old and new systems and found it be one of the most stable software upgrades since the days of DOS. If you're a Vista user now, you should be able to make the transition easily and you'll find that Windows 7 will run faster (quicker boot ups and snappier applications)--on your existing hardware.

If you eschewed Vista and are still on Windows XP, you face a weekend of backing up files and applications, unloading software, and reinstalling applications after you've installed Windows 7.

Most will no doubt opt to wait until they buy a new PC. Fortunately, there are some great deals out there now with systems boasting Intel's latest Core i7 (lucky number 7, are we noticing a trend yet?). The i7 really is a big boost for anyone ripping music, playing games, or editing photos and video. Well equipped i7 systems can be had for as little as $1,000.

For more on the Windows 7 release, watch the segement above or tune in to JQ's CBS spot.
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